Butter makes anything better! If you have the necessary culinary resources, you can stir up a wide range of delicacies, ranging from cookies and sauces to delicious, fluffy omelets. That’s why we have initiated this exciting journey to identify the best butter available in stores today.

Butter can add that creamy extra to any dish, but it’s important to understand which butters work better for savory preparations compared to sweet ones. We hope this list will help you make better selections the next time you head out to your local grocery store to buy butter.

16. The Different Forms of Butter


There is an overwhelming variety of butter brands available in supermarkets. It can get slightly confusing when deciding which kind of butter to purchase. You don’t need to stay away from butter completely; you only need to understand more about the types of butter available and the difference between the good and bad stuff.

15. Unsalted or Sweet Cream Butter


This type of butter is made from fresh, sweet butter rather than aged and slightly acidic butter. The resulting butter is creamy and light, making it ideal for both spreading and baking. Unsalted or sweet cream butter contains 80 percent milk fat, making it more utility-oriented and great everyday use butter.


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