Président salted butter is excellent for making baked potatoes, and it melts right in without burning, making it creamy and flavorful. And needless to say, it comes out off-the-charts delicious! The butter has a pale hue and is incredibly smooth. No wonder it’s a favorite in France. The flavor is mildly salted with a hint of pepper, which makes it equally suitable for spreading on dinner rolls and making baked goods.

Horizon Organic


Horizon Organic butter is a delicious and utterly natural butter. Customers say that using this butter for baking dramatically enhances flavor. Plus, if you hate butter that just clumps up and doesn’t spread quickly, then Horizon Organic is the butter for you. It’s creamy and spreads easily. You won’t need to place it outside the refrigerator before spreading it. Horizon Organic butter is also terrific for scrambling an egg or making mashed potatoes.


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The company Lurpak goes back more than 100 years, which means that you can trust that they know what they’re doing! This Danish brand is mild tasting and pale in color, and comes packed in aluminum foil to keep it super fresh. It’s slightly salted, which makes it great for sandwiches, bagels, and toast. Just make sure to set the butter outside the refrigerator for a while before spreading it, because it takes some time to soften.



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