Finlandia butter (no connection to the vodka maker) provides the right balance of sweet and savory with a creamy, smooth texture. This butter is great to use for making cupcakes, cookies, and muffins, as it adds that extra flavor to most baked goodies. It is a wholesome, non-GMO butter with the only downside being that it comes in one block without measurement details, which makes it challenging to use for cooking.

Challenge Dairy


Challenge Dairy butter lovers swear by its ability to transform baked goods. Its effectiveness in baking maybe because it’s more savory than sweet tasting, which makes it an excellent option for baking. This brand has been around forever, and the old school packaging and font are so retro and nostalgia-inducing! Challenge Dairy butter spreads more easily on muffins compared to toasted bagels.


Whole Foods

For its price, the Whole Foods house brand 365 salted butter is a good fit for its purpose. The butter has a mellow taste with a smooth, dense feel. The butter turns foamy while melting, which makes it great for making grilled sandwiches or an omelet. Some reviews indicate that the wrappers aren’t aligned correctly, making it difficult to measure with a tablespoon. Overall, it’s quite a “buttery,” albeit unremarkable, butter.



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