An ice-cold glass of milk is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate chip cookies, a gooey brownie, or slice of apple pie. Packed with calcium and protein, this creamy beverage also provides essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. Your family may enjoy milk at every meal or save it for enjoying with snacks. Milk is also ideal for replenishing muscles after a workout. However often you drink it, you want your milk to stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible. Check out these tips for keeping your milk fresh and delicious.

9. The Shelf Life of Milk

Use By Date

When you buy a gallon of milk at the supermarket, it comes with a date stamped on the carton. This “best by” date indicates when the milk will be at its freshest and tastiest. According to Eat by Date, properly storing your milk can keep it fresh for a week past this printed date. Unopened non-fat or lactose-free milk can stay fresh the longest, retaining goodness seven to 10 days past the “best by” date. Skim and reduced-fat milk may hold freshness for seven days when stored in unopened containers at proper temperatures. Whole milk spoils the soonest, risking spoilage after five to seven days.

8. At the Grocery Store

Milk In Store

To ensure you bring home the freshest milk possible, shop for unrefrigerated items before heading to the grocery store coolers. Milk should be one of the last items on your shopping list to make it into your grocery cart. When selecting your carton of milk, keep in mind that stores stock the newest containers toward the back of the shelves. Check the dates on the milk cartons and avoid purchasing any items that will expire before you can use them. This may mean reaching behind the front cartons to select the fresher products behind them.


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