4. Storing Canned Milk

Canned Milk

Canned milk has a different shelf life than fresh milk. You can store canned milk at room temperature until you open the container. According to USA Emergency Supply, there are three types of canned milk. Manufacturers pasteurize UHT milk at high temperatures to prolong shelf life. Unopened packages of UHT milk usually sport a shelf life of around six months. Meanwhile, vacuum-heating removes water from evaporated milk, which is then heated and sterilized. Cans of evaporated milk may not contain expiration dates. Finally, you will typically find a “best by” date stamped on cans of sweetened condensed milk.

3. Shelf Life of Powdered Milk

Powdered Milk

The beauty of powdered milk is that, when properly stored, it can stay fresh for years. According to Eat by Date, an unopened box of powdered milk can last in your pantry for two to 10 years. Opening the package allows access to moisture and contaminants. Keeping the container tightly sealed can preserve the freshness of the powder. Once you have mixed the powder with water, you should keep the mixture in your refrigerator and consume it within four to five days. Discard powdered milk if it becomes discolored, clumpy, or smelly.

2. Milk That Sits Out


Sometimes you may discover you have left a carton of milk sitting out on your kitchen table or countertop. To preserve freshness and prevent spoiling, it is best to keep milk at room temperature for no longer than two hours. If your kitchen is exposed to high, humid temperatures, you will want to return milk to the refrigerator within one hour. If you are unsure how long your milk has been out of the fridge, use your nose to determine if it has spoiled.



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