Is there anything more frustrating than buying a big beautiful bundle of brilliant yellow bananas and then the next day seeing that they have turned an ugly brown? It is frustrating, and you probably feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth. What are you going to do with brown bananas? You could make banana bread, but they aren’t good for much else.

Everyone loves a ripe banana, but there is a fine line between ripe and old. You don’t want a banana that is brown and mushy. You also don’t want one that is green and hard. Ideally, it should appear a brilliant yellow with a firm texture and robust taste. In this article, we will explore ways to make your bananas last longer and stay fresh.

6. Hang Your Bananas

Bananas On Hook

In the jungle, bananas are going to stay hanging on the tree until some monkey or other creature comes along and picks them. They will ripen on the tree. You can recreate this phenomenon of nature by hanging your bananas as if they were on the tree.

Once you pick a bundle of bananas from a tree, they immediately start to ripen! This is very discouraging for the consumer. Bananas ripen because they release ethylene gas from the stems once the cut is made in the banana stem’s fibers. However, you can stall this by tricking the bananas.

Hang the bananas on a hook and the gas will leave the bananas slower so they will not turn brown as fast. Ideally, you want to slow down the gas release to reduce the amount of ripening time significantly.

Also, hanging bananas prevents the bananas from getting bruised on the counter. Remember, when a banana ripens it becomes very prone towards bruising. The slightest touch makes the banana bruise and turns brown. Hanging the bundle will reduce bruising and preserve its yellow hue.

Invest in a fruit basket with a built-in hook to hang your bananas. If you don’t want to buy a special basket, then use a small hook on the wall or under the counter to hang your bananas. While your bananas hang on the hook, keep them at room temperature. Yes, they will continue to ripen but your goal is always to slow the process significantly.

One thing about buying a banana fruit basket is that it looks great sitting on the table. Nothing looks more appetizing than a lush bundle of yellow bananas that are not bruised or discolored. In fact, many people will use bananas as a centerpiece for the table and will place other fruits around it

5. Buy Only Green Bananas

Green Bananas

Buying green bananas does require planning ahead. You will be standing in the store and probably feel a great deal of temptation to buy beautiful yellow bananas, but you should stop yourself. Instead, pick a green bundle.

Remember that bananas are picked while they are still entirely green. They will then slowly ripen to a brilliant yellow hue. If you won’t immediately eat the bananas, then don’t be afraid to pick a bundle of green beauties and let them slowly ripen on your counter, or slow the process by hanging the green bananas on a hook.


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