4. Wrap the Bananas in Plastic

Bananas In Plastic

The ethylene that escapes the bananas comes from the stems and causes them to ripen. If you wrap the stems with plastic wrap or aluminum foil, then you can significantly slow down the entire ripening process. Sometimes, you will even see that supermarkets wrap the stems in plastic wrap to slow the ripening process.

You can even take the bananas apart and wrap each stem if you want to slow the ripening process on individual bananas. This is especially useful if you place one or two bananas in a packed lunch. It helps you ensure that the bananas are always ripe and ready to eat for any meal or snack.

3. Refrigerate Ripe Bananas

Bananas In Refrigerator

You have probably heard that you should never store bananas in the fridge. Keep green bananas out of the fridge, but once the bananas start to ripen then you can put them in the refrigerator. The cool temperatures will significantly slow down the ripening process and buy you a few more days to enjoy the delicious bananas.

2. Freeze the Bananas

Frozen Banana

Yes, you can freeze bananas! In fact, freezing the fruit is an ideal way to enjoy them later. However, be aware that how you freeze and thaw them will matter. When you freeze bananas, they will darken and then they will thaw and fall apart. Instead, to prolong their lifespan, you will need to peel the bananas and either freeze individual whole, peeled bananas or slice them up and freeze the slices for optimum results.

1. Invest in a Banana Keeper

Bananas In Box

Bruising hastens the ripening process and can quickly turn your bananas into a mess. There are commercial banana keepers that will help keep them ideal for a snack. They can preserve individual fruit so it’s quickly ready as a snack for lunch. Invest in more than one banana keeper to preserve several at a time for later use.



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