4. Keeping Them Dry


Do not wash your potatoes until you are ready to use them. Water traps moisture in the skin and could rot them sooner, so give them good air circulation.

3. Best Storage Containers

Brown Paper Bag

Brown paper bags provide good ventilation. Do not use plastic, as it will cause the potatoes to get too moist. Baskets or even cardboard boxes will work well.

2. Keep Them in a Dark Place

Potatoes Bag

If the potatoes see too much sun or light, they could sprout and turn green due to the chemical solanine. You do not want to eat a green potato as it could make you sick, so cut off those sections before cooking. Basements, closets, or cabinets work for a dark hiding place.

1. Herbs Can Help Slow Sprouting


Some people have found that dried herbs of lavender, rosemary, sage, or mints sprinkled among the potatoes can help delay sprouting or decay.

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