Pickle Juice

There have been many people promoting the benefits of pickle juice, but is it really good for you? Here is the story from recent studies and from those who have used it.

First, there are two types of juice. There is the processed kind with preservatives and vinegar; these pickles are stored on store shelves. These can be very salty and very high in sodium.

Second are the naturally fermented pickles. They need to stay refrigerated since no preservatives are added, only water and salt. These are lower in sodium and have more probiotics from the natural peel of the cucumbers.

This briny juice is good for you since it can provide your body with electrolytes, especially when you have lost a lot of fluid.

If you have any cardiovascular issues or high blood pressure, it is better to use a more natural brine, or lower sodium content. If you have been diagnosed with gastritis or gout it may make it worse, so it’s best to drink just plain water.

6. Helps with Hydration


Pickle juice can help the body retain minerals and fluids when working outside, or during exercise when you are sweating. It can also help alleviate muscle cramping due to dehydration during sports performance.

5. Eases Digestion


Since the natural kind of pickle juice is fermented, it contains probiotics, and vinegar has been found to help with digestive problems. It may help your body slow the process of gastric emptying, making you feel fuller faster. Pickle juice is also fat free.


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