Who Should Not Try the Diet?


The cabbage soup diet is for people who need a quick fix to the problem of surplus weight. To achieve this goal, the diet must only last a week and no longer than that. However, you can make this into a moderate, well-balanced diet plan by adding some more recipes and variations.

Despite its brief duration, many people find it hard to stick to the diet because they cannot endure the taste of cabbage soup for a whole week. This diet may not be for you if you need another person’s support to follow through.

Furthermore, this diet may not work for someone who needs to lose a substantial amount of weight. People with lifestyle disorders and chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart conditions must also avoid this diet due to their specific dietary requirements. Following such a restrictive plan can prove dangerous to their health.

Dos and Don’ts of the Cabbage Soup Diet


When you are on this diet, you are allowed to eat the following foods:

  • Cabbage
  • Apples
  • Brown rice
  • Sugar-free juice
  • Berries
  • Other veggies
  • Skim milk (from day 4 on)
  • Bananas (on day 4 only)

It is important to note that you can eat these items only on certain days of the week.

Here are some foods that are not permissible in this diet plan:

  • Chicken/turkey
  • Potatoes
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Whole fat dairy products

Anything that is not a part of this diet plan should be completed avoided during the diet period.

Risks and Side Effects


Fad diets are typically not recommended by medical professionals because they may pose short-term and long-term risks. For the first few days, you may experience the following side effects.

  • Giddiness
  • Hunger Pains
  • Gas formation
  • Poor concentration
  • Increased levels of sodium from the soup
  • Irritability
  • Loss of muscle

Due to the removal of healthy fats from the diet, your body is unable to feel satiated. Healthy fats found in dairy, fish, and nuts are also rich in other important nutrients that you will lose out on when you are on this diet.

Of all the risks, the biggest one linked to fad diets is its impact on metabolism. If it makes you lose weight fast, it can also make you put it back on as soon as you discontinue the diet plan.

There is no scientific study or proof that validates the effectiveness or safety of this diet. However, if part of a balanced diet, then it may actually prove to be beneficial.

Cabbage is rich in other nutrients, not just fiber. This is the reason it plays such a huge role in losing weight and preserving it. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties also regulate metabolism and keep blood sugar levels in check.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, ½ cup of cabbage contains a gram of protein, and when combined with other plant-based foods, it can supplement your diet. But consuming only cabbage soup as part of your restrictive diet plan could do you more harm than good.

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