A Sample Cabbage Soup Diet


If you are planning to go on a cabbage soup diet, this is what your seven days will look like:

Day 1: On this day, you can only eat fruits and cabbage soup. No bananas are allowed.

Day 2: Cabbage soup accompanied with other veggies that can either be cooked or eaten raw. No potatoes allowed.

Day 3: Cabbage soup can be eaten with fruits and veggies. The bananas and potatoes restriction still applies.

Day 4: On this day, you can have skim milk and bananas along with your cabbage soup.

Day 5: Pair your cabbage soup with tomatoes and up to 20 ounces of beef.

Day 6: No restriction on beef and vegetables today. Cabbage soup is a must.

Day 7: You can eat brown rice and drink unsweetened fruit juice along with cabbage soup



Healthy individuals who follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly should talk to their doctor or nutritionist before pursuing this plan. They may recommend you drop the idea of a short-term fad diet and suggest a healthier, long-term plan instead.

Some medical experts have pointed out that the effects of this diet are not long-lasting, and this approach can be detrimental in the long run. If you think it fires up your metabolism to lose all that excess weight permanently, think again!

It may be easier to follow, and the diet may give you quick results, but remember that these results may not be sustainable unless accompanied by a long-term commitment of eating a balanced diet and following a healthy and active lifestyle. There is nothing that can beat gradual and healthy weight loss.

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