Sick Day

Having good nutrition is always helpful to have a healthier body and lifestyle; there’s no doubt about that. But as it turns out, doctors say there are certain types of foods you can eat to actually avoid getting sick. Of course, there’s no magical food that will prevent all diseases, but there are things you can eat to make your immune system stronger and avoid getting sick altogether.

If you often get sick, or you want to prevent getting sick when the cold weather hits, try adding this food to your diet.

10. Asparagus


What do asparagus, vegetables, and oats have in common? They’re all great sources of prebiotics, which is a compound you’ll find in food that’s extremely beneficial for the bacteria and fungi living in your gut.

Prebiotic is a non-digestible fiber that helps your bacteria grow which will subsequently improve your immune system.

It would be best if you were careful with asparagus, though. If you introduce too much of it into your diet, it can cause gas and bloat.

9. Milk

Avoid Whole Milk

We all know milk is great for your bones and your body overall, but it can help your immune system as well.

Thanks to the large amount of zinc and selenium milk has, drinking one cup of milk will give you more than enough of the daily recommended amount to enhance your immune cells and make your immune system stronger.


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