Lime Drink

Are you craving a refreshing, healthier drink that you can make easily at home? Try some lime water! It’s inexpensive, quick to make, and has some surprising health benefits. Read on to learn the added benefits of choosing lime water over plain water and sugary drinks. Though be sure to note why we recommend drinking lime water with caution, too. 

10. Lime Adds Nutrients

Lime Water

Adding lime juice boosts the health benefits of your glass of water with extra nutrients. An average medium lime holds about 2 tablespoons of juice (1 fluid ounce or 30.8 grams), according to If you squeeze an entire lime into your reusable bottle of water, you would add approximately 4.31 mg of calcium and 36 mg to its nutrient value. 

Even better, those two tablespoons of lime juice in your water add about 10% of the daily value of vitamin C, or about 9.2 mg. 

9. Lime Water Looks Delicious

Lime In Water

Slices of lime floating in a gleaming glass of water can make the idea of drinking it more appealing. This beautiful green citrus fruit gives water a bit of glamour, which could entice some people to drink more water throughout the day. For a festive holiday spin on lime water, add a few cranberries with the slices of lime. In the summertime, fresh berries like blueberries can make your lime water an even prettier treat. 


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