5. Could Make Your Skin Healthier

Skin Health

Lime water could also boost the health of your skin with the power of vitamin C. As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps prevent skin cell damage. Collagen production for youthful-looking skin requires the help of vitamin C. Skin repair like wound healing is part of this wonderful vitamin’s job, too. The fact that the juice of a lime can add around 10% of the DV of vitamin C to your diet definitely makes it an ideal addition to your glasses of water. 

4. Helps Decrease Chronic Inflammation


Lime water could help lower chronic inflammation, when paired with other diet and lifestyle changes, because it contains flavonoids from the lime juice. Flavonoids are anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that add color to fruits and vegetables. Inflammation is a natural and necessary function of the immune system. However, it’s only meant to be a temporary step in the healing process. Chronic inflammation due to poor diet, environmental toxins, and stress is a problem for the body and linked to the development of many diseases. Flavonoids and vitamin C in lime water also work together to lubricate joints and ease arthritis pain.  

3. Can Help Wipe Out Gout

Assess Your Gout

Speaking of arthritis, lime water may help ease the symptoms of a type of arthritis called gout. This uncomfortable condition can occur when uric acid collects in the blood, causing redness, swelling and pain in the joints. Citric acid acts as a solvent with uric acid, helping to break it down. This action could decrease the level of uric acid in the blood, alleviating some of the symptoms of gout. 

It’s important to note that regularly drinking sugary soda pop can actually lead to gout. That’s another great reason to choose lime water over sweetened drinks. 

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