2. Helps Decrease Certain Infections

Blood Infections

In addition to soothing inflammation, lime water may be beneficial against infections, too. The citric acid in lime juice could help kill infection-causing bacteria and other microbes. Citric acid may also help soothe a sore throat by helping decrease mucus build up. Plus, the vitamin C your lime water provides could help fight off infection by boosting your immune system function. 

All in all, lime water might help you become and stay healthier, especially through cold and flu season, with its great combination of healing nutrients. 

1. Homemade Lime Water Is Better for the Planet

lime juice

While promoting a healthier body, you could also be promoting a healthier planet by drinking homemade lime water. This is especially true if you’re creating your own bottles of water with reusable containers, instead of buying water bottled in plastic. Reducing our levels of waste and need for recycling, in addition to reducing the levels of toxins from plastics in our environment and food supply, helps make our planet a healthier place to live and thrive. 

CAUTION! Citric Acid Could Harm Your Teeth

Fix A Toothache

We’ve noted how powerful citric acid can be for killing bacteria and breaking down mucus buildup, but that also means it can cause damage to tooth enamel if you drink it often. Any substance or food that is highly acidic, like the citric acid from lemons and limes, can wear away the protective coating of your teeth over time. A way to avoid this damage to tooth enamel could be to drink lime water sparingly and/or drink it with a reusable straw. The straw could help lime water bypass the teeth, and a reusable straw wouldn’t cause extra waste. 

Is Lime Water Too Tart for Your Tastes? 

Sour Tart

Lime water without sweeteners of any kind is best for your body. However, if the idea of lime water makes you shudder because of the tartness, try this idea for a more enjoyable flavor. Add a teaspoon of honey or stevia to your lime water at first, then decrease the level of natural sweetener used over time. Honey, like citric acid, is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

If you need to avoid all added sweeteners for blood sugar control, simply start with a very small amount of lime juice in your water. Increase how much you add over time, as you get used to how enjoyable tart and refreshing lime water can be.

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