Carbs have gotten a bad rap in recent years and innumerable myths surround them. Low-carb diets, such as the wildly popular keto diet, have shown that cutting carbs can help you lose weight. However, carbs do not always make you gain fat. 

Honestly, not all carbs are bad. Ones that come from refined sugars and flour do cause your blood sugar levels to spike and might prevent weight loss. Complex carbs like those from veggies and whole grains are needed for good health and help you maintain your svelte figure.

In many cases, if you do not eat carbs (around 225 grams per day) you’ll probably start feeling bad. You can even develop serious health issues because of the lack of fiber. If you do not eat sufficient fiber from carbs then you can enter digestive distress, suffer from constant hunger, and have a gut imbalance.  

9. Headaches


Have you started to suffer from frequent headaches? Isabel Smith, Ms, RD, CDN states, “Carbs don’t require any additional processing to make glucose, so they keep blood sugar levels steady quite effectively. However, when you don’t eat enough carbs (or food in general), blood sugar levels can dip and cause headaches.” 

It is normal to get headaches occasionally, but if you have recently cut carbs from your diet then there is a good chance your head pain is related to the low carbs. Try to eat a few high-carb foods like pears, carrots, or apples to see if it curtails your headaches. 

8. Feeling Cold


Do you feel cold frequently even if the temperature is set to 70 degrees Fahrenheit? Are your teeth chattering? If you don’t have a fever, then there is something wrong. Low-carb diets can lead to low thyroid function, which messes up your internal body temperatures. 


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