7. Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam

For a delicious combination of savory and sweet, try mixing up some bacon jam. Martha Stewart has a recipe for Slow-Cooker Bacon Jam that contains not only bacon, maple syrup, and brown sugar, but also uses brewed coffee in the recipe. Sarah at The Gold Lining Girl has a mouthwatering recipe for Whiskey Maple Bacon Jam. This savory jam is served with crackers and makes a great appetizer for parties. Bacon, maple syrup, and jam. They aren’t just for breakfast!

6. Bacon Bites

Bacon Bites

Bacon makes a great appetizer when served wrapped around shrimp or veggies. Precook your bacon until it is soft but not yet crispy. You can then make an assortment of delicious appetizers. Slice open a jalapeno pepper, fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, secure with a toothpick and bake in the oven for a spicy treat. Or make bacon-wrapped macaroni and cheese bites. Simply bake balls of macaroni and cheese in muffin tins before wrapping them in bacon and crisping again in the oven. Even tater tots can make an intriguing appetizer when wrapped in bacon before cooking.

5. Bacon Dip

Bacon Dip

Bacon makes a flavorful addition to party dips. Making a delicious bacon dip can be as easy as combining bacon with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, sour cream, mayo, and onion. Serve these dips with an assortment of crackers. Or you can seek out bacon dip recipes with unusual flavor profiles. Ree Drummond has an easy Maple Bacon Dip recipe that combines bacon with maple syrup and Greek yogurt and can be used for dipping apple slices.

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