It’s safe to say that rotisserie chicken is one of the best go-to dinner options there is, especially during hectic weeknight dinners. Serving an already cooked rotisserie chicken for dinner goes great with a simple salad, or you can shred it into a quick and easy salsa verde chili. Not to mention, it is a healthy option too, as chicken is packed with lean protein that can be made leaner if you remove the skin. But ultimately the best thing about rotisserie chicken is that it can be bought at nearly any grocery store. So the next time you can’t decide what to make when you’re running late, try picking up a tasty rotisserie chicken from one of the best places listed below and avoid making a stop at the worst stores.

7. Walmart


Unfortunately for Walmart, their rotisserie chicken is ranked last on the list due to poor reviews and flavorless poultry, according to Yelp. While rotisserie chicken is known to be large and juicy, Walmart doesn’t meet those standards.

6. Kroger and Ralphs


Kroger and Ralphs share the same distributor, which doesn’t impress their shoppers all that much when it comes to rotisserie chicken. According to Yelp reviewers, common comments pertained to the chicken not being cooked well enough; however, others raved about the chicken’s juiciness.


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