3. Bromelain


A compound in pineapple, bromelain was found in 2012 research by Biotechnology Research International that it can reduce blood clot formation and thin the blood. It also is helpful for decreasing blood pressure and is an effective support for heart disease.

2. Leafy Green Vegetables

Vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, parsley, and collard greens are high in vitamin K. Vitamin K  is a nutrient derived from the German word “koagulation”, which assists in the body’s sequence against blood clot formation.

1. Spicy Cayenne Peppers


Cayenne peppers have natural salicylates (aspirin) and capsaicin compounds, which are fast-acting blood thinners and have anti-clotting effects. They are great fighters against diabetes, high blood pressure, and high lipid fats like cholesterol. Cayenne pepper facilitates better blood circulation, strengthens the heart, and can break apart blood clots.

If you want to consume natural foods to thin your blood and replace the drugs you use, discuss this with your doctor. To lower your medication use, the best way is to increase natural blood thinners while having your blood checked frequently, before taking fewer drugs.



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