Heat Chicken

Chicken is high in protein, it’s inexpensive (if not organic), and highly versatile. Health officials say everything should be eaten in moderation, and chicken is no different. You need to vary your nutrients, fats, and proteins. The suggestion is to occasionally eat fish or red meat a few times out of the week. These are some of the good and bad effects that can result from eating chicken every day.

7. Good: Chicken Is High in Nutrients

Nutrient Levels

Chicken has many nutrients, including vitamins B and C, folate, selenium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous.

6. Good: Chicken Builds Muscle

healthy muscles

Chicken is great for building muscle and helps you cut down on fat if you avoid eating the skin and are not frying your meat in hydrogenated oil. The protein in chicken keeps you feeling full and satisfied.


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