6. Control Inflammation


Reduce the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation with Vitamin A. Beta-carotene is packed with natural anti-inflammatory nutrients. Cancer, diabetes, hypertension and joint pain are all health problems associated with inflammation. Feel less pain and stay healthy with Vitamin A in your diet.

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5. Look Younger

Look Younger

All the creams and serums in the world won’t stop what’s happening underneath the surface. Fortunately, there’s a vitamin for that. Vitamin A fights free radicals that prematurely age skin. The antioxidant-rich properties in beta-carotene keep skin healthy and youthful in appearance. Furthermore, experts also agree that beta-carotene protects against skin cancer.

4. Mom and Baby

Mom and Baby

During the third trimester of pregnancy, a  woman’s body needs Vitamin A the most. As a result, the risk of becoming deficient becomes greater. The antioxidants in beta-carotene keep the body in tip-top shape. The health of Mom in the third trimester is extremely important for a healthy and complication-free birth.


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