6. Expiration Date

Use By Date

Pay attention to the “sell by” dates on your package of meat, keeping in mind when you plan to cook your purchase. According to Eat By Date, uncooked steaks will remain fresh in your refrigerator for one or two days past the printed sell-by date. Meanwhile, raw steaks can be stored in your freezer for six to eight months. Rewrap your cuts of meat before placing them in the freezer. The same plastic film that allows oxygen to come in contact with the beef to retain the pink appearance will allow air to reach your meat in the freezer.

5. Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk Steak

According to Oscar Wilde Grills, the tomahawk steak is a “manly” cut of meat that comes from the front rib of the cow. If you are wondering how to cook up this steak, check out The Stay At Home Chef’s recipe for The Perfect Tomahawk Steak. These steaks cook up on your grill with just salt and pepper.

4. Rib-Eye Steak

Rib Eye Steak

This cut of meat also comes from the front rib of the cow. It has a chunk of fat in the middle and tends to be well-marbled. According to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, the rib-eye steak is delicious whether grilled, pan-broiled, or smoked. Christopher Coombs has a recipe for Butter-Basted Rib Eye Steaks you can cook up in a cast-iron skillet. Butter, fresh thyme, garlic, and rosemary are used to baste this savory entrée.



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