2. Consume More Grains


Just like starches, grains have earned themselves a bad name in the world of dieting. They are often discarded from diet charts because of their high carb content. However, foods like grains and legumes are packed with essential nutrients such as chromium and magnesium that are helpful in fighting the stress hormone cortisol.

Whole grains are also a source of betaine, an amino acid that reduces fat storage and the body’s insulin resistance. Grains are also the leading source of fiber, the most important component in our diets. During the process of digesting grains, our body releases acetate, a molecule that suppresses hunger and tells us when to stop eating.

1. There Is No Such Thing as Diet Food

Diet Food

Eating boxed or canned food is not as healthy or low-fat as you would like to believe. In fact, they are stripped of all the nutrients and the food is already processed. This means your body only burns half as many calories while digesting this food. So while you may be consuming fewer calories, you are still likely to gain more weight compared to someone who eats whole, unprocessed foods. But it is still better than eating potato chips and drinking soda.

Remember that if you want solid abs and not just a marginal improvement in body definition, you have to stay conscious of what you are putting inside your body and follow a well thought out nutritional strategy.

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