5. Oysters

raw oysters

Oysters are well known as zinc powerhouses that assist with hair repair and growth. Zinc also seems to help with telogen effluvium, which is a form of reversible hair loss that is directly caused by a nutrient deficiency. Taking a zinc supplement or eating foods like oysters can reverse the condition.

However, consuming zinc can also prove dangerous because too much zinc leads to hair loss. Eating foods like oysters is a far better way to get zinc than using a supplement so you don’t consume too much.

4. Shrimp


Shellfish like shrimp contain protein, B vitamins, iron, vitamin D, and zinc. Although shrimp are relatively low in fat, they do provide omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Beans

Black Beans

If you are seeking a plant-based protein, then beans won’t disappoint. Beans are also loaded with zinc, folate, and biotin. Most people favor beans because they are a very versatile food that you can enjoy in a variety of different recipes and styles of food.

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2. Soybeans


Studies indicate that soybeans might promote hair growth. Spermidine, found in soybeans, helps prolong the active growth cycle of hair regeneration (the anagen phase). If your hair follicle is left in the anagen phase longer, then it will continue to grow quickly.

1. Meat

Raw Meat

Most people consider meat a necessary staple of their daily diet. Without a doubt, meat is rich in nutrients that all work together to aid hair growth. In addition, the protein found in the meat also repairs and strengthens hair follicles. Red meat stands out as a leader because it also contains ample iron.

The foods that you eat impact your overall health significantly, including hair loss. A healthy diet can promote hair growth, strand strength, and even stop hair loss.

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