Want Flat Abs? Avoid These 7 Foods

Staying fit is difficult, not only must you maintain a workout regimen but you must constantly watch what you eat. Don’t worry; it gets easier once you identify which foods you should stay away from. Knowing what you can eat is half the battle. Here are seven foods you should stay away from and their healthy alternatives

7. Juice

orange juice

Juice: What? Isn’t juice healthy? Unfortunately no, although this drink is heavily promoted towards kids and adults it is both calorie and sugar dense. The reason why fruits are healthy is that they’re filled with fiber. This allows your body efficiently process the sugars you consume in your fruits. Once your fruit is juiced you lose most of the fiber leaving you with a calorie dense drink. Just to put it in perspective an 8oz glass of orange juice has 103 calories vs 92 calories in an 8oz can of cola.

Alternative: Lemon Water

6. Potatoes

twice baked potatoe

Potatoes can be healthy… if you eat them baked without any condiments. The problem is that potatoes usually aren’t eaten plain. The most popular potato dishes include mashed potatoes filled with butter, baked potatoes that are topped with sour cream, butter, and cheese. Lastly, the most popular potato concoction, fries, which are of course deep fried in oils. It’s easier to stay away from this starchy food and replace it with a green vegetable instead.




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