Just about everyone enjoys waking up in the morning and making themselves a piping hot cup of java. The caffeine-laden beverage acts as a fantastic pick-me-up. In addition, it’s packed with wonderful antioxidants and nutrients. Unfortunately, for many people it also sends you scrambling for the bathroom shortly after drinking.

8. Caffeine and the Bowel


One study found that 29 percent of all participants report having to go to the bathroom within 20 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee.

Coffee is an ideal source of caffeine (one of the best in the world). It acts as a natural stimulant that can help keep you alert. A single cup of coffee provides 95 mg of caffeine. Java not only boosts your energy but also stimulates your colon, so you feel like you must poop. It effectively activates the contractions of your intestinal muscles and colon, according to studies.

7. Decaf and Having to Poop


The contractions of the colon start to push any contents down towards the rectum. Studies have shown that caffeine spurs the colon to be 60 percent more active versus just drinking water and 23 percent more active than drinking decaf.

Interestingly, decaf coffee also could stimulate many to poop. Clearly, compounds found in the coffee, in addition to caffeine, are the main reason why you feel like you must use the bathroom.

Without a doubt, coffee causes the colon and intestinal muscles to become active. After ingesting the coffee, your body starts to push food rapidly through the rectum.

If you don’t like getting the jitters or a racing heart from caffeine, then you’ll be happy to know that decaf coffee can also make you poop in the morning.


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