9 Major Medicare Mistakes

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4. Paying Late Enrollment Penalties

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Once you become eligible for Medicare, you must enroll on time or you will face penalties that are costly.

3. Not Having Travel Coverage

Living Abroad

Original Medicare provides coverage throughout the United States, but it does not cover any medical treatment out of the country. However, some Medicare Advantage plans do provide coverage if you travel overseas.

2. Being Unaware of Changes to Your Plan

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You might think you have the best plan, but things change from year to year. You’ll want to look at the available plans and compare coverage with costs. Every year new plans come to the marketplace, so it’s well worth your time to look things over and make a choice that might fit your budget better.

1. Not Accounting for Health Changes

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One year you might be exceptionally healthy, but the next year you do not do so well physically. In such a situation, changing your plan might be a huge financial savings and provide you with much-needed peace of mind. You’ll want to reevaluate your unique healthcare needs.

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