Why Are Seniors Overpaying for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare Overpay

Lately, everyone is wondering why are seniors overpaying for Medicare Supplement Insurance?  Most seniors are living on a budget and must watch every penny. Overpaying is hurting them financially and causing undue stress on their emotional well-being. This article will explore the three top reasons seniors are overpaying for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Top Three Reasons Seniors Overpay for Medicare Supplement Insurance

Three reasons stand out for why seniors are overpaying for crucial Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • All Plan G’s are the same — no matter what carrier. The Plan dictates the coverage and not the Carrier. Example: Plan G with Mutual of Omaha insurance is the same as Plan G with Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, one insurance carrier is charging more than the other. There is no reason to pay more for Plan G just because it is being offered by another carrier who is charging a higher price. All Plan G’s are the exact same so pick the carrier with the best price!
  • You do not have to wait for ‘open enrollment’ to shop for a Medicare Supplement Plan. You can shop at any time of the year. Start saving money immediately! Do not wait until the end of the year.
  • Change your Medicare Supplement Carrier at any time if you are not happy. Most insurance carriers offer electronic applications so you can effortlessly complete the application and see if you will qualify to save money before changing your carrier. It pays to shop around.

Never overpay for Medicare Supplement Insurance. Instead, do your research and call the different carriers for free quotes to get the best savings on your Medicare Supplement Plan. Sadly, many seniors do not switch carriers when they change plans, which can end up costing them money.

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