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Some people have moles that look cute (think Eva Mendez and Blake Lively). These moles can be referred to as “beauty marks,” but for the most part moles are just “blemishes,” distracting from your attractiveness and making you feel self-conscious.

Have you ever caught someone staring at your mole while you were talking to him or her?

Do you avoid buying certain clothing items to try and hide a mole or skin tag because you feel insecure?

Or, are you just tired of hearing“You should get that checked out!”?

If so, you’re probably dealing with a mole that isn’t cute. You’re not alone, unfortunately the bad ones seem to outnumber the good. And let’s face it: If you’re unlucky enough to have unsightly skin tags or moles on your face, neck, or body, you have two choices:

1. Get rid of them… OR:

2. Learn to love them.

Moles & Skin Tags Surgically Removal is Expensive

You shouldn’t have to live with moles or skin tags you don’t want on your body.

Why do so many people live with moles and skin tags on their bodies?

Well, until now most people believed expensive surgery was their only option. The procedure involves cutting or burning the mole or skin tag off the body. Depending on the size and location of the mole or skin on your body, It’s been described as a very painful procedure.

And as with most surgical procedures, you may up with a scar often worse the mole or skin tag you had removed. See for yourself below…

Surgical Mole Removal Scarring


Surgery is not cheap!

Did you know the average cost for removal surgery is $500?!

The average cost ranges from $100 to $800 and depends on a number of factors including shape, size and location on the body. Larger ones cost more to remove. Ones in highly visible areas must be removed more delicately, which results in a higher price and are more prone to scarring.

Now for those who are desperate enough you may find all this acceptable…

But most of us don’t want to suffer through the pain, cost and embarrassment of surgery. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case with Skincell.

In as little as 8 hours, this painless alternative to traditional surgery lets you take care of them by yourself -in the privacy of your own home. PLUS: You’ll save hundreds of dollars!


“Being able to do the removal themselves helps relive the stigma of having a ‘procedure’ done.”


Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr. Seagate recommends Skincell to his patients. “Most moles and skin tags can be safely removed using Skincell in the comfort of a patients home.” Mole and Skin tag removal procedures can be invasive and patients prefer to to do the removal at home. says Dr. Seagate. “It really has changed the way I do these procedures, Skincell is far less painful than traditional mole and skin tag removal.”

Even some high profile celebrity clients (whom Dr. Seagate declined to name) prefer Skincell to traditional more expensive laser removal. “Being able to do the removal themselves helps relive the stigma of having a ‘procedure’ done.” says Dr. Seagate.

If embracing your moles or paying high priced surgeons isn’t going to work for you, this new, affordable and painless solution is a game-changer.

Final Thoughts

There is no cutting, burning, or lasers… no risk of large surgical scar that’s worse than the mole itself. If you are thinking of removing an unwanted mole or skin tag, Skincell is by far safest and most convenient method of mole and skin tag removal. Its painless, quick, discreet and much more affordable mole and skin tag removal option.

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“I had a large cluster of moles on my left shoulder and several on my face. Your product removed them all, and it did so without leaving any scars. I could not be more delighted. Thank You.”

Shawna Wilson

Knoxville, Tennessee

“As a physician, I have seen countless patients who suffer with all types of moles and skin tags. Before learning about Skincell I had never seen a removal product that was all natural, safe and effective. I recommend it to all my patients suffering with warts and moles or skin tag.”

Dr. Rachel Gary

Baltimore, Maryland

“My daughter had skin-tags on her face and we went to the dermatologist twice and had them burned. It was so bad, her face blistered and I was worried that it would leave scars. I said there has to be a better way. We ordered Skincell and it began to work in days. I am happy to say that the skin tags are completely gone with no scaring. Thank you.”

Courtney Wealler

Lakeland, Florida

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