A lot of the ingredients we use to prepare food is stored in the refrigerator, and once we are done eating, the leftovers go back into there as well. We’re convinced that the chilling power of the fridge will help to keep our food nice and fresh, and by and large, this is true. However, there are some common (and uncommon) refrigerated foods that do not need to be. In fact, some of the items on this list would be better off out of the cold.

1. Basil


You might look at basil and see a delicate little plant; this is fairly true. It’s important to think of fresh basil more like a flower than a food. What does this mean? Well, most plants, when exposed to high levels of cold, tend to wilt. Basil is no exception here, which makes putting fresh basil into the fridge a very bad idea. Furthermore, like coffee, it has a tendency to pick up flavors and smells from the food around it. Keep fresh basil in fresh water on the counter. Dried/powdered basil can be stored safely in your spice cabinet.


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