17. You Left Too Late


We all know that getting to your destination on time is a vital skill to have, but it seems that many of us lack it. While some think that getting somewhere later than expected is no big deal, for others, it may be a very stressful start to their day. Stress can make it easier for your body to store fat and break down muscle. So, if you want to keep your body from automatically making you heavier, try to leave a bit earlier.

16. You Didn’t Take a Lunch Break


Working through lunch may seem like a great way to possibly impress your boss or finish up that big project, but it does come at a cost higher than just hunger. Failing to supply your body with the right fuel throughout the day can force your body to slow your metabolism and conserve calories since it doesn’t know the next time you will eat again and must prepare for a long hiatus. Even if you genuinely don’t have time for a lunch break, at least try to eat a few snacks at your desk to keep your metabolism active.

15. You Weren’t Happy About Your Diet


Starting a new diet can always seem like a challenging task at first, but complaining about it will not make it better. A diet is something that you have to follow (strictly or loosely) for as long as you want to accomplish your goals. Finding the right diet that can help you lose weight and keep a smile on your face is very important and must be taken seriously. Try shaping your diet around your favorite styles of food and expanding from there. You may find that you don’t have to cut out everything you love.

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