11. You Only Did Cardio at the Gym


Doing cardio exercises to get your heart in top shape is excellent, and all, but there are other things to consider at the gym as well, like the massive weights selection there. Lifting weights can do wonders for your metabolism and your aesthetics, as having a decent amount of muscle mass forces your body to use more calories during the day naturally. If you are worried about becoming big and bulky, do not worry. Becoming massive takes years and years of concentrated dedication.

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10. You Did Lift, But Not Enough


Everyone should aim to lift weights at the gym, but lifting weights should not be a light and carefree activity. To get the best results for your body and your ego you will have to challenge your muscles with each workout. If the weights are too light you will never see the physical changes that you desire, nor will it be enough to lose weight. Aim for a weight range that is heavy enough to be challenging and light enough to complete your reps.

9. You Reward Yourself With Sweets


After all of the running and lifting at the gym this week you may feel like you have earned yourself a treat. While it is okay to treat yourself from time to time, doing it frequently or too big can eliminate the gains you had made for the week. Instead of treating yourself to sweet foods, give yourself something else like a new pair of shoes or a trip to your favorite museum. Doing this will save you hundreds of calories throughout the week.



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