Sabotage Your Weight Loss

Not all of us can be those perfect sculpted Instagram models that we ignore during our daily scrolls through the app, but we can get close. Sometimes we make simple mistakes that keep us from reaching our goals every day. To avoid that, try not to make these 19 everyday mistakes that sabotage your weight loss.

19. Using Coffee to Wake You Up


Coffee is a great way to get your day started, but it does come with some caveats. During your slumber the night before, chances are that you are going to be dehydrated when you wake up. Being dehydrated like this can force you to eat more than usual and leave you tired throughout the day. Instead of drinking coffee first thing out of bed, drink a glass or two of water to recharge you and protect your body from further dehydration.

18. You Don’t Consume Dairy


While milk and other dairy products have their controversies surrounding them, at the end of the day, dairy is still very healthy for the body. Dairy products are full of calcium, which is very important when it comes to positively regulating your body’s metabolism and also providing your bones with the right nutrients to stay healthy. If you are lactose intolerant, there are other ways of getting the correct amount of nutrients, such as taking a pill.

17. You Left Too Late


We all know that getting to your destination on time is a vital skill to have, but it seems that many of us lack it. While some think that getting somewhere later than expected is no big deal, for others, it may be a very stressful start to their day. Stress can make it easier for your body to store fat and break down muscle. So, if you want to keep your body from automatically making you heavier, try to leave a bit earlier.

16. You Didn’t Take a Lunch Break


Working through lunch may seem like a great way to possibly impress your boss or finish up that big project, but it does come at a cost higher than just hunger. Failing to supply your body with the right fuel throughout the day can force your body to slow your metabolism and conserve calories since it doesn’t know the next time you will eat again and must prepare for a long hiatus. Even if you genuinely don’t have time for a lunch break, at least try to eat a few snacks at your desk to keep your metabolism active.

15. You Weren’t Happy About Your Diet


Starting a new diet can always seem like a challenging task at first, but complaining about it will not make it better. A diet is something that you have to follow (strictly or loosely) for as long as you want to accomplish your goals. Finding the right diet that can help you lose weight and keep a smile on your face is very important and must be taken seriously. Try shaping your diet around your favorite styles of food and expanding from there. You may find that you don’t have to cut out everything you love.

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14. You Didn’t Get Your Butt Up

no exercise

If you work an office job or if you’re at home binge-watching Netflix, chances are that you haven’t stood up for hours, let alone actually walked anywhere. On average, we sit down for sixty-seven hours a week and barely spend any time moving at all. Due to this, we burn a hundred fewer calories a day and end up adding ten extra pounds a year. Try to stay active during your day by moving around and getting exercise.

13. You Don’t Know What You Weigh Today


Checking the scale every day can sometimes seem pointless if you haven’t been focusing on losing weight. Simply working out could potentially stall your weight loss in terms of pounds while also reducing fat. Regardless, it’s a good thing to check your weight every week to keep track of your goals and recognize how to accomplish them faster. It is preferable to weigh-in on Wednesday since your weight will naturally fluctuate during the week.

12. You Drank Bottled Waterbottled water

Drinking water on the go is something we should all try to do since getting dehydrated is no laughing matter. But, bottled water is not the best way to go about it. The plastic in bottled water contains Bisphenol A (BPA), which is linked to obesity and storing belly fat. To get around this, try buying a reusable water bottle that is free of BPA. They are better for your body and the environment, so it is a win-win situation.

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11. You Only Did Cardio at the Gym


Doing cardio exercises to get your heart in top shape is excellent, and all, but there are other things to consider at the gym as well, like the massive weights selection there. Lifting weights can do wonders for your metabolism and your aesthetics, as having a decent amount of muscle mass forces your body to use more calories during the day naturally. If you are worried about becoming big and bulky, do not worry. Becoming massive takes years and years of concentrated dedication.

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10. You Did Lift, But Not Enough


Everyone should aim to lift weights at the gym, but lifting weights should not be a light and carefree activity. To get the best results for your body and your ego you will have to challenge your muscles with each workout. If the weights are too light you will never see the physical changes that you desire, nor will it be enough to lose weight. Aim for a weight range that is heavy enough to be challenging and light enough to complete your reps.

9. You Reward Yourself With Sweets


After all of the running and lifting at the gym this week you may feel like you have earned yourself a treat. While it is okay to treat yourself from time to time, doing it frequently or too big can eliminate the gains you had made for the week. Instead of treating yourself to sweet foods, give yourself something else like a new pair of shoes or a trip to your favorite museum. Doing this will save you hundreds of calories throughout the week.

8. You Are Credit Card Happy

credit card

Carrying credit cards that are loaded with money can be enough to keep you from losing weight. It is weird to think that something in your wallet can make you gain weight, but it is true. Studies show that people are more likely to impulse buy if they use a credit card instead of cash. If you find yourself unable to stop yourself from buying greasy foods loaded with sweets by the cash register, try shopping with cash instead. Shopping with cash will make it feel more tangible.

7. Your Food Is Free of Oil


While everybody knows that you should avoid eating as much grease as possible, avoiding healthy oils like olive oil or grape oil is not necessary. Some oils can help you keep the weight off since they can keep you fuller longer and supply you with nutrients that will help your body work easier. Now, this isn’t a free pass to down a whole bottle of olive oil but you should try to eat a serving every time you eat a full meal.

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6. You Ate Too Fast

eat fast

Knowing when to stop eating is one of the most important qualities to have if you want to lose weight. While our stomachs naturally have signals that will let us know when we have eaten too much, eating too quickly can get in the way of that. Try to make enough time for you to eat your food slowly so your body can accurately let you know when it is time to stop. If that doesn’t work, load up on smaller portions at a time.

5. You Keep Your Environment Hot


Some people stay naturally cold throughout the day and end up turning up the heater to a high temperature. While you may feel more comfortable in your house while you sleep or do your daily activities, you may be ruining your chances of losing weight. Cold temperatures can actually help you lose weight since your body has to use more calories to warm your body up naturally. Staying in a warm environment can rob your body of going through this process.

4. You Use Your Phone in Your Bed


In this day and age, we are absolutely addicted to our phones. They are the first thing we check in the morning, what we check every five seconds during the day, and more often than not, the last thing we see before we fall asleep. Checking your phone in bed can be unhealthy as the blue light from the phone can prevent you from falling asleep in a timely manner. Poor sleep leads to weight loss and a host of other issues so try to give yourself some distance between your phone and your bed.

3. You Went to Bed Too Late

late night

While staying up late is something that we all do even though we know we shouldn’t, you may be surprised to learn that it could be the reason you can’t shed those extra pounds. People who stay up later tend to eat extra meals throughout the day and especially at night. This would normally be okay, but people tend to slow down at night instead of staying active like they do in the daytime.

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2. You Watch While You Eat

watch and eat

For a variety of reasons, you may find yourself eating your dinner in front of the television or your phone. It seems harmless enough to not be a problem, but the problem with this is that you aren’t paying attention to what you eat. Being careless with your food could potentially lead to overeating, so try to focus on your food during dinner. So, instead of watching while you eat, watch what you eat. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little less TV during the week.

1. You Didn’t Eat Whole Grain


Eating refined carbohydrates like white bread can be stopping you from reaching your goal of weight loss. Refined carbohydrates get saved as sugar, digest quicker, and can actually keep you hungry not long after your last meal. Unrefined carbohydrates like whole-grain bread can keep you full for longer and actually keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy level. Try to eat whole grain foods in your future, and you may be happy on your next trip to the scale.

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