Get a Smaller Plate

small plate

Stop using that huge plate that you’ve been filling to the edge this holiday season and switch to something smaller. Using a smaller plate can trick you into eating a smaller portion of food. Most people prefer to finish their whole plate, so having less on the plate in the first place will result in less food eaten and more calories avoided. Large plates are also known to make large portions seem smaller than they are and having a smaller plate will reduce the chance of overeating.

Make Some Changes To Your House

home improvement

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to update your house a bit. Making a few quick changes to your home can be a great way to lose a few pounds and be productive at the same time. Adding a few new items of furniture or even moving a few things around is a great way to work up a bit of a sweat and warm up your muscles. It would also be beneficial to tidy up outside by sweeping up your dirty patio, painting the fence or adding some new plants to the garden.

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Drink Less (Or Not At All)


After drinking through the holiday celebrations, you may have noticed that your gut has grown a bit bigger. Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of empty calories, and if you’re not attending a social event, it may be wise to lay off of the gin and juice for a while. If you do love to drink frequently, however, try to stick to hard liquor or light beers and avoid sugary blends for your mixed drinks. Drinking bitter drinks instead of sweet drinks will end up saving you hundreds of calories throughout the day.



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