Cut Soda and Juice Out of Your Diet

soda juice

Now that the holiday season is over, it is okay to stop mimicking the Coca-Cola polar bears. Cutting soda out of your diet is the simplest way to start losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. A single can of soda can contain hundreds of calories and a few dozen grams of sugar. Switching to diet versions of your favorite soda can still be harmful as artificial sweeteners are bad for you as well. You can still maintain the same food diet and potentially lose weight by choosing water as your beverage of choice.

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Shovel Some Snow

shovel snow

If you are living in a place outside of California that actually experiences winter, chances are you probably have some snow outside of your house right now. Instead of ignoring the pathways that you do not cross that are currently full of snow, try shoveling the snow off of them instead. It may not be the most fun of tasks, but it can burn you an extra 500 calories that you wouldn’t have before, and you won’t even have to leave your front or backyard. If you are short on funds, you could also turn it into a neighborhood side gig.

Cook at Home

cook at home

During the holiday season, you have probably been in and out of different houses and stuffing yourself on a new plate at each one. Now that it’s over and the leftovers have run out, try cooking for yourself at home instead. Cooking for yourself allows you to have complete freedom over your portion sizes and seasonings, allowing you not to feel pressured about finishing a whole bag of french fries or getting an extra plate. The ball is in your court, and that makes it easier than ever to eat healthily.



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